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Our core programs (ITS™, LIFO®, THE® and Bushido Leadership) are our most popular effective programs in helping companies transform their corporate culture and manage change. With over 50 years experience in talent and organizational development, we have innovated and evolved these products to make them even more effective in achieving their specific aims. We provide these certification programs for our licensed practitioners to help them deliver the best solutions to organizations and talent worldwide, bringing positive changes in the process.


Who Benefits?

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Professional Service Firms

“Looking for New Solutions?”

Trainers from training, consulting and/or coaching companies - you will be able to offer our program to your client organizations.



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"Looking for New Training Content?”

Internal Trainers from Organizations - you will be able to provide programs to your organization internally.



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"Ready to become a Licensed Practitioner?”

Individual trainers - you will be able to provide our program to your clients.



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Why Certification?

Certification is the most cost-effective and efficient way of implementing BCon's programs.

It allows organizations to have qualified trainers that can deliver the programs company-wide over the long term. These trainers are also able to adapt programs to their organization's specific needs by focusing on internal situations, goals and challenges, using actual work examples.

If you are a corporate trainer from a company that offers training, consulting and/or coaching services, this allows you to offer our programs to your clients as one of your solutions.


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Licensing Programs

Innovative Thinking System™ (ITS)

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Life Orientations® (LIFO)

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The Human Element® (THE)

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Bushido Leadership

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