Designing the best solutions for creating highly competitive and resilient organizations with exceptional talent, where people truly feel “the joy of purposefulness at work” and "the happiness of fulfilled living".



We act as innovation producers for people in search of excellent solutions for their organizations and talent. We utilize our knowledge and experience from the fields of OD and behavioral science to solve your problems with commitment and engagement.


Core Values

5PROs, BCon Group Philosophy, and the values embodied by “The Spirit of Turtle”.



Become the World's "No. 1" Organization that everyone wants to become, where people feel the joy of having meaningful work, and the bliss of living.



Pursuit of organizational sustainability by offering the highest value-added services to our clients


Core Values


5 PROs

Represents the core values that have guided our company throughout the years and reflected in BCon Group employees' daily decision making and actions.



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BCon Group Philosophy

The “BCon Group Philosophy” forms our corporate structure and underlying guiding principle.



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The Spirit of Turtle

Turtle symbolize our value to be an organization that keeps growing steadily and live long without concerning the size of the organization.



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