Survey Types

Organizational Survey

Our organizational survey solutions measure the different aspects of an organization and identify any changes needed to make the organization more productive and effective. These surveys view these aspects from the workplace, department, and corporate-wide level in order to analyze the organizational culture at different levels to offer to best changes available, based on the organization’s objectives.

Personal Survey

Our personal survey helps identify such things as personal behavioral preferences, strengths, and competencies, the key attributes that help individuals increase their self-awareness. From our experience, self-awareness is one of the most crucial elements in personal development, and is very important to cultivate. The value of this personal survey is that it helps expand respondents’ self-awareness through self-reflections and feedback from the others.


Product Line

Organization Efficiency Survey

Grasp the “What is so?” in Your Organization


Unlike financial performance or achievement in different sectors in an organization, employee perception and/or thinking patterns throughout the organization is difficult to perceive.

Organization Efficiency Survey enables management to see beyond the surface to the employee’s real perceptions, identifying perceptual gaps in understanding (between management and employees, different divisions, etc.), enabling management to grasp quickly what is happening in the organization.

* Organizational Survey


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Career Potential Survey

Identify competencies


Knowing one’s strengths, weaknesses and the gap between desired competencies and current/demonstrated competencies helps in identifying areas needing improvement, which is a key to success.

The purpose of Career Potential Survey is to help respondents see which competencies they currently demonstrate at work.

It also helps organizations with individual career development planning, HR strategies, in-house training, as well as in identifying the ideal career paths of high-performers.

* Organizational and Personal Survey


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Innovation Drivers Survey

Identifying innovation potential; what is driving and restraining innovation?


In order to meet the requirements of an ever changing environment, including new standards of competition, every organization needs to be able to generate new ideas and implement improvements continuously.

Innovation Drivers Survey assesses the strengths and weaknesses of your teams and/or organization as seen through the lens of the innovation process, with a focus on key specific skills. It will give you important information to make changes and or optimize your innovation performance.

* Organizational Survey


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LIFO Survey

An Inventory of Personal Behavioral Preferences


When you and your organization are aware of your preferences, you can begin to implement the developmental strategies that will have an immediate impact on productivity.

LIFO® Survey is a unique approach identifies each person's strengths and styles. It doesn't label or typecast - opens up possibilities and provides strategies for individuals and teams to reach their goals.

It will maximizes potential by encouraging use of underused strengths, improves collaboration for better teamwork and helps to overcome the day-to-day roadblocks and conflicts that get in the way of high performance.

* Personal Survey


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