Message from the President


Creating Resilient Organizations and Outstanding Human Resources for a Sustainable Society

We have supported our client organizations in their talent and organizational development endeavors for over 50 years, with the mission:" We create highly competitive and resilient organizations with outstanding human resources".

Although there are many influential trends, we know the unchangeable fact that: sustainable organizations cannot thrive without the "resilience” and "outstanding human resources".

"Resilient organizations" are organizations that enhance managerial leadership and strategy consistency, in accordance with environmental changes, while boosting productivity. To that end, organizations must continue adapt to challenges, without clinging to past successes.

"Outstanding human resources" are the people who contribute to the organization’s growth, in accordance with change, while increasing its value. This means maximizing outcomes through collaboration with others and making sure that innovation happens. To have this kind of human resource development, it is essential to cultivate an organizational culture of hard work, encouragement, ambition. Additionally, strong leaders are also imperative in order to implement the planned and continuous human resources development mentioned above.

We understand that no person can stand alone, so to succeed organizations have to build up their human relationships. We wish to be our clients’ best partner in creating "highly competitive and resilient organizations” and “outstanding human resources". We do this by increasing the organizations’ “social capital”, which is a way to create connection, foster bonds of caring, collaboration and trust among people.

Today, the environment that organizations exist in is drastically changing. It is no longer possible to manage organizations without considering global, environmental and social sustainability impacts. In order to balance business growth, a number of things are needed: a sustainable environment; adaptable people (individuals, organizations and society).

We continue refining and extending our solutions to meet our clients’ needs. These include organizational change solutions for a sustainable and innovative culture, one that develops resilience and responds well to change.

We appreciate your patronage over our 50 years and hope to receive your continued support.


President & CEO
Tetsuji Yokozeki