Accountability Circles

Accountability Circles Training - a powerful tool for solutions and success in the 21st Century

In Accountability Circles Training, or ACT, organizations, teams, and individuals, innovate, adapt and build on success, collaborating effectively, correcting mistakes effortlessly, and finding solutions quickly. ACT develops your skill in creating a high-trust, productive, and critical thinking environment to lead your organization through rapid change and crisis.

Redefine accountability to mean “acting responsibly for making things right” in your organization rather than “taking blame for when things go wrong” in your organization. Empower people to productive action rather than burden them with blameworthiness.

Accountability Circles Training includes three survey instruments:

  • Accountability Survey
  • Accountability Feedback Survey
  • Trust Climate Survey

These surveys are used to develop awareness for the individual and the group.

ACT's unique strengths lie in its three development strategies:

Strategy #1: Recognize and Reduce Resistance
Goal: Move from "Negative Accountability" to "Positive Accountability"

Strategy #2: Eliminate Accountability Blind Spots
Goal: Increase awareness of the sources of solutions and success by eliminating “Accountability Blind Spots”

Strategy #3: Initiate Accountability Circles
Goal: Unlock powers of solution generation and success creation

Accountability Circles is the only accountability tool to synthesize these three strategies AND include a framework for success. With resistance reduced and blind spots eliminated, with ACT you initiate Strategy #3 and unlock powers of solution generation and success creation.

ACT is tool that has immediate and long-lasting effects on the productivity of individuals, teams, and organizations. No other accountability tool on the market has the depth, breadth, or flexibility of Accountability Circles Training.