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Akira Furumoto

Akira Furumoto

Phone: +81-80-1365-2425

Service Region: Tokyo, Japan

Company: Business Consultants, Inc.

Language: Japanese, English

Delivery Approach: Face-to-face (on-site) & Online

Expertise: Leadership Development, Management Training, CS Training, Compliance Training, Life Orientations (LIFO)® Training, Team Development, Innovative Thinking System (ITS) Training, Accountability Circles Training (ACT)

Experienced trainer with a strong background in sales. Operated and managed sales branch in the US. Skilled in new business development and relationship development for the start-up companies. Possess a large spectrum of training experience both in English and Japanese. Specialize in sales and CS training using LIFO® method. Successfully managed various global projects in Japan, US, Germany, China and Philippines.