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Dr. R. Rajasegeran Ramiah

Dr. R. Rajasegeran Ramiah

Phone: +6012 7227 959

Service Region: South East Asia

Company: Global Training Network Alliances Sdn Bhd

Language: English, Malay

Delivery Approach: Face-to-face (on-site) & Online

Expertise: Innovative Thinking System, LIFO Method, Accountability Circles, Communication, Leadership, Teambuilding, Coaching.

DR. R. RAJASEGERAN (Dr. Raj) has been in the field of training & consulting since 1989. During his tenure in the corporate sector, he has assumed key management and strategic planning positions in areas covering the production and service operations in the fields of Banking & Finance, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Hotels & Resorts, Education, Manufacturing, Assembly Operations and International Consultancy Services. The Consultancy and Training Division alone services a clientele comprising more than 300 local and multinational companies ranging from the small & medium industries to public listed organisations.

He is a Licensed Instructor in Interaction Management and Management Reinforcement for Development Dimensions International (DDI) USA, a Supervisory and Managerial programme used by more than 400 of the Fortune 500 Companies. He is also DDI’s Certified Instructor for its Service Plus: Beyond Customer Expectations Programme; and DDI’s Far East Training Consultant in Singapore.

A Certified Occupational and Psychological Assessor in the Use and Interpretation of SHL Aptitude Tests and Interest Inventories on Executive Assessment - the identification of managerial potential for Recruitment, Promotion and Career Development.

He is a Certified Coach and Master Trainer in the LIFO® Method from The Schutz Company, USA - BCon, Japan. LIFO® is short for Life Orientations®. LIFO® Training focuses on Strengths – on what’s right about leaders, teams, and individuals. It begins by identifying each person’s basic orientation to life and work. Based on this information, it offers powerful learning strategies for greater personal productivity, increased influence with key people, and more effective teamwork. LIFO® Training is also used to enrich an enormous variety of applications and interventions, from strategic planning and performance appraisal to diversity training and change management.

He is also a Certified Master Trainer in Innovative Thinking System™ from BCon Japan, an internationally recognised powerful programme on product and process innovation for improving company performance based on the concept of "Innovation = Creativity + Implementation".

Dr. Raj is a certified master practitioner in Accountability Circles (ACT) from USA. Accountability Circles creates a high-trust, problem-solving climate and promotes the flow of valuable and timely information, enhance collaboration among individuals and teams and speed up problem solving.

Wide-ranging assignments have taken him to China, Japan, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, UK and Asian countries including, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore where he is popularly sought for his specialist strength in areas pertaining to Human Resource Development.

He holds a PhD in Strategic Management from the University of K’oln, Germany; Masters (MBA) in Business Administration from Ohio University, USA; and a Post Graduate in Training Management from the Institute of Training and Development, UK. His first degree is in Social Sciences from National University of Malaysia (UKM). For commendation on his excellence and dedication, he was conferred the award Kurnia Satriajaya by His Highness DYMM Negeri Sembilan.

Equally active are his pursuits towards enhancing professionalism, entrepreneurism and knowledge. For these, he was nominated and now named in the renowned “INTERNATIONAL WHO’S WHO of Professionals”; and is President of the Malaysian Indian Entrepreneurs’ Association (Pertubuhan Usahawan India Malaysia).