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Hiromichi Ikeda

Hiromichi Ikeda

Phone: +81-80-1289-9840

Service Region: Tokyo, Japan

Company: Business Consultants, Inc.

Language: Japanese, English

Delivery Approach: Face-to-face (on-site) & Online

Expertise: Innovative Thinking System™ (ITS), Global HR Development, Cross-culture Training, Management Training, Presentation Training, Problem Solving, Life Orientations® (LIFO), Human Element Program™ (HEP), Accountability Circles Training (ACT).

Experienced consultant with a strong business background at Bridgestone. Hiro leads the tyre development in Japan and managed the subsidiaries as a director in overseas countries, also experienced international business, visiting more than 40 countries. Also, he applied ITS™ and LIFO® which are Business Consultants, Inc (BCon) ’s essential programs to Bridgestone regional training center in Thailand as a senior instructor. He joined BCon in 2016 after retired from Bridgestone. At BCon, Hiro has conducted a large range of training in English and Japanese, related to HRD and OD with a sense of real business experiences.

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