Our Company

Business Consultants, Inc. (BCon) was established in 1964, the year the Tokyo Olympics was held.

Our company wanted to capture the freedom and feeling of the games, while imbuing the spirit of our founders and using their concept,

"Make change in management training in Japan", as a guide.

BCon as an “Innovation Producer”

In order for our clients to achieve their ideal future states in faster and more reliable ways, we continually produce innovative solutions for our clients in the fields of organization and talent development. These innovations include, but are not limited to, value creation, organizational change, and employee behavioral change.

  • We do not offer temporary or quick fix solutions. We identify crucial issues for our clients’ missions and strategies, create a road map to close the gap and do what is necessary to support the changes.
  • In order to promote organization growth and innovation, we utilize the latest technology as well as 50+ years of experience in consulting and training to offer the best customized solutions to fit each particular organization.

BCon designs the best solutions for human and organizational development worldwide, while creating highly competitive and resilient organizations with exceptional talent.


Message From President

We have supported our client organizations in their talent and organizational development endeavors for over 50 years, with the mission:" We create highly competitive and resilient organizations with outstanding human resources".


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Our Mission

Designing the best solutions for creating highly competitive and resilient organizations with exceptional talent, where people truly feel “the joy of purposefulness at work” and "the happiness of fulfilled living".



Core Values

Values that lead to success since 1964

5 PROs

Represents the core values that have guided our company throughout the years and reflected in BCon Group employees' daily decision making and actions.



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BCon Group Philosophy

The “BCon Group Philosophy” forms our corporate structure and underlying guiding principle.



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The Spirit of Turtle

The turtle symbolize our value to be an organization that keeps growing steadily and live long without concerning the size of the organization.



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