How to Adopt a Sustainable Business Approach?

Monday, December 27, 2021
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

How to Adopt a Sustainable Business Approach?

What does sustainable management means?
To understand this, it is important to understand sustainability accurately.

An international network of scientists has collectively and publicly defined basic “system conditions” based on the proposal by Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert, founder of the international NGO; The Natural Step. These system conditions, also known as sustainability principles, specify the fundamental conditions that must be met for sustainability to be reached and maintained.

These "Sustainability Principles" are:

BTS2112_6.png/Sustainability Principle
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Sustainability principles set a guideline for conducting business activities without hindering a sustainable society, which enables your business strategies, such as strategic decisions, product development, supplier decisions, and human resource development, all in line with sustainability. In other words, principles allow us to look at our business from a sustainability perspective comprehensively.

Once our business activities are considered based on the sustainability principles, it is necessary to determine direction, set targets, and establish concrete action plans for your company to pursue sustainable management.


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