Solutions for Individuals

We provide optimal solutions for talent and organization development.

Although most of our solutions are aimed at professionals, personal development is also offered for individual learners as well as managers and consultants who lead/contribute to organizational changes.


Talent Management

Cultivating Optimal Technology and Know-how

Our talent management solutions encourage people to reach their full potential by developing competencies and skills in leadership/management while improving overall performance.

A key feature in our talent management solution is self-awareness through the use of cutting-edge behavioral science theories. We see self-awareness is one of the most crucial elements in personal development. Self-aware employees are less prone to engage in conflict and defensive behaviors, and are less likely to resist change.


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Organizational Development

Implementing and Sustaining Organizational Change

Our organization development solution is for those of who facilitate/initiate/manage change in organization(s).

One of the features of our organization development solution is the creation of quality relationships between the different people in organization. Learning organizations where people are able to think collectively while feeling free to question deeply also possess the ability to take high value and timely actions that lead to sustainable change.


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Licensing Opportunities

Becoming a certified practitioner is the most cost-effective and efficient way of implementing BCon programs.

For individuals seeking the opportunity to become certified trainers, we certify/licensed individual trainers to deliver our program to your clients.

Presentation, facilitation and training skills will also be covered during the certification process to insure professional and competent delivery of the content.

The programs are customizable and can be adapted to your business needs as well.


Become a Certified Practitioner


Personal Survey

Our personal survey helps identify such things as personal behavioral preferences, strengths, and competencies, the key attributes that help individuals increase their self-awareness. From our experience, self-awareness is one of the most crucial elements in personal development, and is very important to cultivate. The value of this personal survey is that it helps expand respondents’ self-awareness through self-reflections and feedback from the others.


Career Potential Survey

Identify competencies

Knowing one’s strengths, weaknesses and the gap between desired competencies and current/demonstrated competencies helps in identifying areas needing improvement, which is a key to success.

The purpose of Career Potential Survey is to help respondents see which competencies they currently demonstrate at work.

It also helps organizations with individual career development planning, HR strategies, in-house training, as well as in identifying the ideal career paths of high-performers.

* Organizational and Personal Survey


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LIFO Survey

An Inventory of Personal Behavioral Preferences

When you and your organization are aware of your preferences, you can begin to implement the developmental strategies that will have an immediate impact on productivity.

LIFO® Survey is a unique approach identifies each person's strengths and styles. It doesn't label or typecast - opens up possibilities and provides strategies for individuals and teams to reach their goals.

It will maximizes potential by encouraging use of underused strengths, improves collaboration for better teamwork and helps to overcome the day-to-day roadblocks and conflicts that get in the way of high performance.

* Personal Survey


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