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1. Creating resilient organizations and outstanding human resources for a sustainable society in Vietnam

2. Providing well-being and happiness of the employees of our clients through their work


Our Solutions

The world keeps moving, the environmental, social, and global factors keep changing. They all have significant impacts on organizations’ business growth. To have an imperishable development, the only way organizations can do is to invest, to nurture, and to create a sustainable environment; adaptable people (individuals, organizations and society).

With over 50 years’ experience in supporting our partners in business development, we believe that by enhancing the 5 capitals (Financial, Technological, Intellectual, Social, Ideological), our core solutions will help you achieve continuous growth, improve productivity, develop talent, and create workplaces where employees truly feel “the joy of purposefulness at work” and “the happiness of fulfilled living”.

To inherit and enhance the value and tradition of BCon Japan, we, BCon Vietnam, provide you with the most optimal solutions of your talent and organization. Our solutions are always Unique, used the most relevant and latest Theories, and Produced by using our own 50 years of experience. Our solutions have also been delivered to our many clients in parallel with our unique behavioral science methodologies, which are used by millions worldwide, known as: LIFO® (Life Orientations), THE® (The Human Element), and ITS™ (Innovative Thinking System).


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Nurturing talent to ensure the achievement of organizational excellence.

  • Leadership Development
    Our solutions include Basic Management, Advanced Management, In-house MBA, Leadership for C-level Executive, and Leadership coaching.
  • Sales/Marketing
    Our solutions are about Sales Basics (communication & Negotiation), Solution sales, Sales Strategies and Target Setting, and Sales Coaching.
  • Performance Management
    We provide MBO System Development Consultation, MBO Training, and Performance Evaluation Training.
  • Global Management
    It is all about Global Mindset, Global Business Acumen, and Intercultural Management and Communication.
  • Retention Improvement
    We focus on Engagement Training, Resilience Training, MDCVS Consultation.
  • Career Development
    We provide solutions to Career Planning, Individual Development Planning, and Career Potential Survey.

Solutions for enhancing organizational agility and responsiveness.

  • Organization Design
    We implement Organizational Health Survey, Organizational Agility Survey, Performance and Personal System Design, Scrap and build of processes, and Reorganization.
  • Culture and Change
    We support our clients in Change management, Organizational Change Planning, Future Search, Post-merger Integration, and Element-O (The Human Element Approach).
  • Service Management and Customer Service
    We provide CS-Strategy Creation and Execution, CS-leadership, Customer Survey, and Service Management Consultation.
  • Sustainability
    Solutions to Sustainability include Sustainability mindset, Vision for Sustainability, and Advisory and Consultative Services.
  • Innovation
    We provide Innovation meetings, Innovation Leadership Training, Innovative Thinking System for products and services.
  • Team Building
    Executive team building; Team Interventions, Workplace vitalization, High-performing sales teams, 7-boxes survey.


Message from General Director

We have supported our client organizations in their talent and organizational development endeavors for over 50 years from Japan with mission:" We create highly competitive and resilient organizations with outstanding human resources". Although there are many influential trends, we know the unchangeable fact that: sustainable organizations cannot thrive without the "resilience” and "outstanding human resources".

The world doesn’t revolve around our organization. The market and world outside of our company will not change to accommodate our desires. We aim to be an organization that is flexible and resilient to respond to unplanned changes observed on the outside of our organization and implement planned changes within. To do this, each of us must not focus only on what is going on inside our organization but must become active members of society and pay attention to the world outside.

And "Outstanding human resources" are very important. The only resource at company that can multiplied 2, 3 times the number of activities from what it originally could do are its people. Always make efforts to participate in work activities to develop your interpersonal skills. The only path for our organization is to raise the ability of our employees. Therefore, we can not afford to go for productivity that is only short-term and temporary.

Business Consultants Vietnam will contribute to make resilient organization and outstanding human resources in Vietnam with our clients. And we want to provide well-being and happiness of employees of our clients through their work.

We appreciate your patronage in Vietnam and hope to receive your continued support.


General Director
Fumihiro Arasawa


Company Profile


Business Consultants Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Date of Establishment

December 12, 2017

Head Office

Level 6 Indochina Plaza Hanoi
241 Xuan Thuy Street
Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (+84)2462-696-162

Corporate Representative

Fumihiro Arasawa (General Director)




Fumihiro Arasawa

Fumihiro Arasawa
General Director

Kazuhito Yashima

Kazuhito Yashima
Sales Leader & Management Consultant



Nguyen Thi Minh Chau
Sales Marketing & Consultant

Ngo Thi Tung Linh

Ngo Thi Tung Linh
Sales Manager & Consultant


Le Thi Kieu Oanh
Administration, Finance & Accounting


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