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Public Workshops


We have offered public training courses throughout Japan for over 50 years, continually updating, adapting and refining these courses to respond to advancements in the field, new theories, an ever changing environment and our clients’ evolving needs.

Our workshop recipients come from diverse backgrounds (company type, industry, etc.) and as such have required increasing levels of innovation and versatility from us to consistently offer cutting-edge and engaging content. This has resulted in programs with the most effective learning methods and novel multi-modal teaching styles in the industry. All of our programs include a good mix of presentations, group exercises and experiential learning opportunities to help all learning types our client organizations succeed.

Additionally, we strive to have a diversity of participants from different industries at our workshops so that everyone can gain fresh insights from peers in different fields. Many of our participants find these workshops to be excellent networking opportunities that help them build strong relationships, often leading to synergies and business in the future. This factor alone, in addition the content, has led us to receive great feedback from participants, enhancing our reputation.


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