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Event date: 1/26/2022 - 1/28/2022 Export event

Accountability Circles Training (ACT) Online Certification | Jan 26-28

Accountability Circles

Date: January 26 - 28, 2022

Time: 6:00AM Los Angeles / 9:00AM New York / 3:00PM Paris / 10:00PM Singapore / 11:00PM Tokyo
(120 minutes per session)

Investment: $2,000

Special Price: $1,000 (50% OFF) for registrants currently holding a certification in at least one of BCon products (LIFO/THE/ITS)

Accountability Circles: A Practical Framework for Controlling Outcomes for Solutions and Success in the 21st Century

Built on a structured awareness of the self and others, Accountability Circles Training, quickly extends a high-trust situation into even greater productivity or quickly re-orients a low-trust situation toward positive outcomes seeing improvement straightaway. It can be learned in as little as a half-day session and still have dramatic results in improving how groups collaborate.

With ACT, groups, teams, and individuals lower defensiveness and raise awareness to collaborate more effectively, correct mistakes more effortlessly, and find solutions more quickly, innovating, adapting and building on success.

The principles and framework in ACT are easily absorbed, rapidly implemented, and see immediate results creating a skill that continues to improve with practice.

Redefining accountability to mean “acting responsibly for making things right” rather than “taking blame for when things go wrong”, Accountability Circles Training supports people being open and seen, empowering them to take productive action rather than leaving them defensive, unseen and burdened with blameworthiness.

Accountability Circles includes three development strategies:

  • Strategy #1: Recognize and Reduce Resistance
    Goal: To move from "Negative Accountability" to "Positive Accountability"
  • Strategy #2: Eliminate Accountability Blind Spots
    Goal: To increase awareness of the sources of solutions and success by eliminating “Accountability Blind Spots”
  • Strategy #3: Initiate Accountability Circles
    Goal: To unlock powers of solution generation and success creation

Accountability Circles is the only accountability tool to synthesize these three strategies AND include a framework for success. With resistance reduced and blind spots eliminated, Accountability Circles you initiate Strategy #3 and unlock powers of solution generation and success creation.

Accountability Circles training currently includes three surveys:

  • Accountability Survey
  • Accountability Feedback Survey (feedback from others)
  • Trust Climate Survey

These surveys are used to develop awareness for the individual and the group.

In this online certification, you will be trained and certified by Global Master Trainer David Glowatzke (co-author of Accountability Circles with LIFO author Dr. Stuart Atkins). Equip your organizations, teams, clients, and yourself with a powerful tool for innovation and adaptation, solutions and sustained success, in the age of tele-work.

This certification consists of two phases:

Phase I: Self-study
The self-study phase includes taking the surveys, review of materials, and assessments.
(Phase I should be done before joining Phase II. Detail of self-study will be provided after registration)

Phase II: Online sessions
Will be held on January 26-28, 2022


(Registration is open until January 10, 2022)

Cancellation Policy:
Before January 2: 100% (full) refund minus administration fee
Between January 5 - 12: 50% refund minus administration fee
After January 12: 0% (no) refund

Any refund will be processed after the workshop completely finished.


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