Breaking the Productivity Barrier

A Few Simple Skills for Individuals and Teams

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Author: Stuart Atkins

Breaking the Productivity Barrier

The last 50 years have seen many remarkable breakthroughs in technology, but the question remains: have we made comparable progres in human productivity? As managers and training professionals, we are still charged with the responsibility of boosting the productivity of individuals and teams. To do so, I believe there are four fundamental productivity factors that must be considered:

1. Quality--How Good
The degree to which the individuals or teams output meets or exceeds established standards.

2. Quantity--How Much and How Fast
The amount produced in a given period of time

3. Economy--How Practical
The costs, benefits, and return on the effort.

4. Acceptability--How Well-Received
The degree to which the output satisfies the expectation of others.

Although a team or organization may agree on how to measure each one of these productivity factors, research shows that there is great variability in how people rate the relative importance of the four productivity factors.

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