Six Building Blocks to High Performing Team

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Author: Stuart Atkins

Six Building Blocks to High Performing Team

Dr. Stuart Atkins developed an approach to team building called LIFO Team Building which quickly creates the trust and opennes necessary for teamwork without risking relationships. "LIFO" stands for "Life Orientations". LIFO Team Building is founded on the recognition that different people approach life and work from different orientations or points of view, using different styles and strengths.

The high-trust climate created by LIFO Team Building promoted the open flow of information about team tasks and team dynamics. Teams improved their interpersonal competency as they worked on producing results. Since those early years, LIFO Team Building has evolved into a fail-safe procedure for quickly building high performing teams. It utilizes the six building blocks, or competencies, described in this article.

Learn more about Life Orientations® (LIFO) here

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